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Staff Spotlight: Arizona Wilkinson

nov. 15, 2017

Arizona Wilkinson, 19, didn’t know what to expect when she came to work at Aikens this past summer. She was seeking a job with plenty of hours to make a lot of money, she was open to trying something new and she was hoping to make friends along the way.

“I actually heard of Aikens from a previous co-worker, and figured I would send in my application and give it a try,” said Arizona, who is from Winnpeg.

Not only did Arizona get the job, but her first summer at Aikens accomplished all her goals and more, as Arizona loved the experience and became a popular member of the team thanks to her hard work and outgoing personality.

Like many staff members at Aikens, Arizona did a variety of tasks from day to day and appreciated the variety the role offered. She was primarily a waitress, bartender and housekeeper, so she had plenty of opportunities to interact and develop relationships with our guests.

“Arizona has a great personality for interacting with people because she’s always happy and upbeat,” said Paul Capecchi, of St. Paul, Minnesota, who visited Aikens this summer. “You can tell she enjoys what she does, which is important, and she’s always asking people how they’re day is going or if she can get them anything.”

Whatever she’s doing that day, it seems like Arizona always has a smile on her face. One aspect of the job she enjoyed the most is serving guests in the restaurant and at Big Molly’s. She even developed a homemade cocktail called an “Arizona.”

“There are so many great people who come to Aikens, and it’s great getting to know them during their time here,” said Arizona, whose Aikens nicknames are Zona and Rizzy. “The staff is fantastic, too. I’ve made so many friends here and it makes the experience very special. I think we have a really unique atmosphere here with the staff where we become friends and have fun together with whatever job we’re doing.”

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Arizona was so well-liked by guests and staff alike; after all, she is a Winnipeg Jets fan and she’ll listen to virtually any type of music (though her favorite song is Mr. Brightside).

She’s also open to trying new things, and the plethora of recreational activities at Aikens struck her as a unique opportunity.

“There are so many different things to do here,” said Arizona, who is studying genetics and statistics at the University of Manitoba. “It’s a beautiful setting so you can go out on the lake, or the beach or go fishing if you enjoy that. If you like the bar it’s always fun at Big Molly’s, or just hanging out around a bonfire. You could never get bored here because there’s so much to do.” 

The Grey’s Anatomy fan is grateful for her friends and the opportunity to work at Aikens, and the feeling is certainly mutual.

“We have a great team here and Arizona is certainly a valuable part of it,” said Pit Turenne, adding that Arizona shined a first-year employee. “She does a really good job here, she works hard and has fun. As a new employee, she’s come in and done a fantastic job.”