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Spring update

mai 16, 2012

 Pit with the season’s first master angler fish… a 37″ lake trout! We have been up at the lodge nearly two weeks now.  While our first guests are still a week and a half away, we have been hard at work. Renovations have been moving quickly here at Aikens, and guests will see a whole new look at the lodge this summer.  Last fall, we completed exterior renovations, including our signature green tin roofs, on all of the buildings near the lodge (Master Angler's Row, Park Place, Orion).  This spring, we continued the exterior renovations at the lodge, and are currently building a larger cooking porch for our BBQ and smoker.  Can't wait for those great steaks and ribs once the porch is ready! We also rebuilt the permanent section of our guide dock.  The floating section remains the same, but now the permanent section is as sturdy as they come.  We are also building new floating sections for our main dock where we house the evening fishing boats.  Much sturdier than its predecessor, the new floating section will be around for a long time! The carpenters rebuilding a gutted Master Angler’s Row   Enzo looks on as the dock nears completion  The staff entrance and cooking porch at the lodge are the final steps in the lodge renovation this spring. After going through a huge heat wave last summer of 90-100 degree weather for over two weeks, we have addressed that issue as well.  New heat pumps/air conditioners are being installed in the Park Place and Master Angler's Row cabins.  All our guest cabins now boast air conditioning and temperature control no matter what Mother Nature sends our way.   A large heat pump/AC is also being installed at the lodge so that we can make sure that the dining room and Big Molly's Bar remain as cool as the beer that is on tap there! Marty holds up his first walleye of the season  Pit and George discuss the layout of the new MAR units  The new showers are much larger than their predecessors in Master Angler’s Row All that said, the biggest change our guests will notice will be in Master Angler's Row.  Master Angler's Row is a large guest cabin that features 4 individual suites.  Last fall, the exterior and roof were completed including new windows and doors.  This spring, the work continues.  After completely gutting the entire building and removing 4 different flooring layers, the rebuild is well under way.  On top of the new AC units previously mentioned, a new pine finish is being installed in all the units.  We have expanded the washrooms to include a large tiled shower to replace the smaller ones that used to be in there.   New functional beds have been built and will be able to accommodate two single fishermen in two single beds, or can be converted into a king bed for couples.  Thicker walls ensure that each 2-person suite is comfortable and quiet.  The new Master Angler's Row experience is just another example of why Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is considered one of the top fly-in destinations in all of Canada! For those of you yearning for more info, we have been updating our Facebook page daily with pictures of the renovations, and a few fish when we have the time to go out and catch some!  For those daily updates, check out our Facebook page: