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Sportshow Update - Denver's a resounding success!

janv. 26, 2009

Pat and Janelle are all smiles in Denver We are now well into our marketing and sportshow season.  Our first stab at the US market was in Chicago and Kansas City a few weeks back.  The Chicago All-Canada show was well attended by the lodges and outfitters.  The crowds, although slightly down, were still very good and interest was high for Aikens. Signs that the economy had affected many businesses was more evident in Kansas City.  Normally a huge boat and RV show (as well as a travel destination show), the show size was trimmed as many vendors were not able to make it.  While most of the lodges were there, many of the larger boat & RV dealers were not in attendance this year.  Where there are normally hundreds of floor displays, there were now less than a dozen boats!  However, the crowds were still strong and interest was good for the lodges. This weekend, Pat and Janelle ventured to Denver for the annual International Sportsmens Expo.  This is traditionally one of the stronger markets and this year was no different.  There was incredible participation from lodges all over the globe.  Crowds flooded the aisles and Pat & Janelle reported that at some points this weekend people were stacked 4-5 deep awaiting their chance to ask them some questions about Aikens Lake!  We had a record number people take us up on our perennial offer to give them free passes to come see us the show (if you are in the area of any of our remaining shows, don't hesitate to contact us!).  The show in Denver was stronger than ever, and the mood was very upbeat and optimistic!  It bodes well for the rest of the marketing season and upcoming summer at Aikens.  We now have a few weeks before the next show in Calgary, Alberta. Baby update - Julie's due date was Jan 21 but that has come and gone without any sign of the baby yet... keep an eye out later this week for a birth announcement!