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Shorelunch Spotlight: 3 Videos … And 1 Word Says It All

sept. 6, 2019

As Aikens guests know, our shorelunches are legendary. Walleyes that were swimming free an hour before the frying pan are cooked to perfection any number of ways, with onion rings, potatoes and all the fixings made to your liking at a picturesque picnic spot on the lake. If this feast doesn’t sooth the soul, no food will.

There’s a lot that goes into an Aikens shorelunch––we meticulously train all guides on every detail of preparing the meal perfectly––but long-time guest Denise Kozlowski, of Lake Oswego, Oregon, claims she can describe the Aikens shorelunch experience in just one word.

“Phenomenal,” Denise declared. “They’re such experts with the shorelunches that they have it down to a science.”

Over the years, Minnesota angler Paul Capecchi has been to Aikens almost every different month that we’re open and has come to a similar conclusion.

“To me, the shorelunch was the highlight of each day,” Paul said.  “They’re the best meals I have all year long. The shorelunch sites are set-up so well in scenic spots. In my family, if we’re eating fish I’m the one who prepares and cooks it. I don’t mind that, but I have to admit it feels really nice to just sit back and relax while the guide did all the work.”

Another guest from Minnesota, Tony Abena, heard all the hype about our shorelunches and wondered if they truly were other-worldly.

“I remember seeing people rave about the shorelunches on the website and thinking how could a shorelunch be that memorable?” Tony said with a chuckle. “After having them, I can tell you they are fantastic, particularly in the great locations around the lake you enjoy them in.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, of course, so we figure a video must be worth even more. Given that, we’re sharing three new videos recently added to our YouTube channel to show you a glimpse of the gastronomical phenomenon that is an Aikens shorelunch.

The first video seen here, featuring Aikens pro-staff guide Nick Milne, is a video tutorial on how to fillet a fish completely bone-free, harvesting the maximum amount of meat.

The second, by Aikens pro-staff guide Marco Dumontier, will get your mouth watering with fresh walleye fillets in the frying pan.

Then finally, the finished product, shown here by long-time Aikens guest Tony Capecchi (Paul's son), who enjoyed a feast of a shorelunch with both walleye and pike, cooked two different ways for his family this past summer.

Enjoy the videos, and if you’re not yet drooling, click here to learn more about our legendary Aikens Lake shorelunches.