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Tarrol lunde


Secrets Revealed: Where All Aikens Trophy Fish Were Caught

mai 23, 2015

Today is opening day of the 2015 season! Everyone knows Aikens Lake is famous for producing huge numbers of huge walleyes––not to mention pike and lake trout––but did you know on our website you can view nearly every single Master Angler catch Aikens has produced in the past 25 years?

On the Master Anglers page of you can sort through trophy fish by year, species or month and see who caught one. If you know your friend or family member caught a trophy fish, you can even enter their name into the search box and pull up a photo of them with their trophy fish!

For those anglers out there who are always wondering where the big fish was caught and what it was caught on (you know who you are), you can check out a description of each trophy fish including the specific spot and lure used. In that regard, it’s a great research tool to look at the locations and lures that produced the most trophy fish during the specific month you’ll be visiting Aikens.

Last year, the biggest walleye caught by an Aikens guest was a 32-inch trophy hauled in by Mr. Tarrol Lunde––the largest walleye we’ve seen in the past 14 years!

The biggest lake trout was a 38-inch hog caught by Mr. Ron Craig, who also caught a 31-inch walleye on the same day.

The biggest pike was a 45.5-inch monster caught by Mr. Ian Campbell (Ian also caught a 41-incher).

Mr. Jesse Larivière caught the biggest sucker, at 22 inches, and Mr. Greg Kozlowski caught a 26-inch whitefish which was the third largest whitefish ever caught on Aikens and one of the 15 biggest whitefish ever caught in Manitoba.

As our guests know, the Aikens Experience is about making your time off the water every bit as special as your time on the water … but that said, we all realize how fortunate we are to have premiere, fly-in access to one of the elite fisheries in North America.

And thanks to the catch-and-release program we have all operated together over the years, the fishing at Aikens just keeps getting better. Besides producing the biggest walleye we’ve seen in a decade and a half, last year also was one of our strongest years on record for Master Angler pike. It’s amazing how many people were catching one big walleye after another, then all of a sudden had the thrill of battling a +41-inch pike, then went right back to hauling in walleye after walleye––all in the same spot.

Congratulations to all of our guests who caught Master Angler fish last year, and to all those who made the Century Club.

Good luck to everyone in 2015!