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Raz diversifies his Master Angler exploits!

août 9, 2006

Nastase 010s.jpgNastase 021s.jpgNastase 026s.jpgNastase 043s.jpg Some of you may remember last year's post about Orazio Nastase from Pennsylvania. He had caught his 5th trophy walleye in only his 4th trip to Aikens. Well, Raz made his 5th trip his most memorable to date! He started off the trip by catching a trophy walleye on the first day! Raz isn't someone who likes fishing in the waves. On a windy second day, the winds were howling and he decided along with his fishing partner Neil that they would only fish close to the lodge in the afternoon. Their decision paid off as Raz, a self-proclaimed walleye fisherman, caught a trophy pike! Raz even admitted to actually have enjoyed pike fishing that day! On Raz's third day, it was time to diversify a little bit more! Raz wanted to get the "Aikens Lake Triple Crown" by catching a trophy laker (even though he dislikes trout fishing!). Instead, he reeled in a 30.5" burbot! If that wasn't enough, he then caught another trophy walleye later that afternoon! All in all, it was quite the trip for Raz! He has fished with our guide Patrick during each of his stays, and his 5 trips have produced 9 trophies! Congratulations and see you next year!