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Portage into Bonaventure Lake

févr. 10, 2021

Gorgeous Canadian shield scenery? Check.

100 fish days? Check.

Unforgettable adventure as the only boat on a pristine lake? Check.


At Aikens, we love to delight guests with unique experiences tailored to our guests’ individual interests, and a portage day trip to Bonaventure Lake does exactly that. This walleye factory is often one of the overlooked, hidden gems of the “Aikens Experience,” so this past year we had guides Austin and Dalain create an experiential video showcasing a day trip to Bonaventure Lake.


There’s cool footage showing the two portages (50 and 110 yards, respectively), the beautiful 1.5-mile Bon Creek (a wildlife viewing hotspot), and the crazy, often non-stop fishing action (get ready for doubles!).

Watching this quick video to learn about the lake––which is accessible in normal and high-water conditions and takes 45 to 60 minutes to reach from Aikens Lake––is a great way to whet the appetite for all of us waiting for our next opportunity to slam some fish!


Especially during early season trips, Bonaventure could be a stellar new experience for any repeat Aikens guest who has not yet made the portage. Or, Bonaventure can provide almost a “sure thing” day of fast action for any Aikens first-timer.


If you’re looking for other ideas on new twists to add to your next Aikens adventure, check out some of the upgrades we made throughout the 2020 season––including clearing 2 miles of new hiking trails around our peninsula––or review the variety of bespoke packages and various accommodations we offer.

And here’s a fun fact for those who didn’t know: Bonaventure translates into English as “good adventure.”

Watch the video now to see why it is aptly named!