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Pat Trudel: Head guide by day, but what does he do at night?

mars 8, 2007

August 013s.jpgCercle Moliere 3.jpg As many of you that have fished with our head guide Pat already know, he is quite an accomplished actor in the winter. He was best known for his role a few year's back as "Mr. Cucumber" on a french children's TV show, but closer to his heart he has been working with a local francophone theatre troupe called the "Cercle Molière" for as long as he's been coming to Aikens! The "Cercle Molière" has been around for nearly 80 years, and they will feature everything from comedies to who-dunits to dramas. They present a great mix of plays written by famous writers (translated into french) as well as local ones. Today, the troupe was featured in the Winnipeg Free Press as their 4th and final play of the season is set to begin tomorrow night. It is a sold out show once again!  In fact, every ticket for every one of their 4 plays (each runs for 4 weeks) this season has been sold... they sold out so fast that Julie and I couldn't even get our customary season tickets when we returned from Aikens this fall.  Unfortunately this means that we won't be able to watch Pat in action!  In the play, Pat plays a leading role and we couldn't resist putting the Free Press picture in our newsletter! Some of our longtime clients will also recognize the leading lady, Janique Lavallee, who worked at Aikens in the early 90's. I have copied an excerpt from the Winnipeg Free Press for you to read what our local scribes have to say about the sold-out play and the Cercle Molière's recent success. Cercle Moliere 2.jpg