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Opening Crew lands at Aikens!

mai 7, 2009

Ice on the Lake, Back Bay wide openLéo Nolette: The Man With a PlanWith a beautiful view of the ice-covered lake, it is with great enthusiasm that we greet you our readers with the first edition of the 2009 Newsletter from Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge! Pit, Patrick, Léo and Charlie landed in the Back Bay yesterday at 12:30pm. With a gorgeous hot sun and blue skies, these intrepid outdoorsmen set about opening up the camp. Within an hour the generator, the hot water loop and the vehicles we're all humming after a long winter's slumber. A quick tour of the lodge showed no signs of damage. Hats off to Léo for a meticulous closing procedure last fall, making yesterday's efforts a walk in the park.

Bluewater Aviation's Ace Pilot Dave flew us inPit and Kody can't wait to land at the lodge!Pat casts out at the Honeyhole

Pit's Annual First fish of the season: a Healthy Hammer-Handle!First 'Eye of 2009, Bravo Charlie!With such a smooth transition into a fully-operation status, that left us plenty of time to drop in a couple boats, fill out our licenses, spool up the rods and head out on the lake for the first nite-bite of the year. Léo and Charlie proved to the young bucks once again not to mess with the "Experienced Ones". Outfished 6 to 2, Patrick managed to lose the biggest fish of the night... Oh well, much laughter was heard by the local Honey Hole wildlife, including an exceptional rare sighting of a mature Lynx. Back at the lodge, we fried up the season first Walleyes and Charlie cooked up a mouth-watering New England Clam Baked Pike Casserole. So good!

Rare sighting of a Lynx near Honey Hole!

Well, back to work. We've got lots to do and we are looking forward to yet another excellent season sharing the joy that only the "Aikens Experience" can provide.