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Next week: 2nd Winnipeg Corporate Shorelunch

mars 13, 2008

Last winter, Aikens Lake hosted its first ever "Winnipeg Corporate Shorelunch".  It was an opportunity to showcase our lodge to local businesses, and to show them that a gem of a world-class fishing resort was located in their backyards!  It also gave us a chance to treat current and prospective guests to an authentic Aikens shorelunch with lemonpepper and beer-battered walleye!  Mmmm, I can already smell those fillets hitting the oil this summer! This year, we will be hosting the 2nd annual shorelunch at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 19th in downtown Winnipeg.  For a free invite to a great "shorelunch" with fresh MB walleye, potatoes & onions, beans, and fresh baked bread, please call in to the office (204-237-5253) and we will give you all the details.