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New Video Spotlighting the Aikens Experience

janv. 17, 2018

After a great day fishing, a delicious dinner and fun night at Big Molly’s Bar, you head to the beach to join friends around the bonfire to soak in the stars and shoot the breeze about your day at Aikens.

That’s where our story begins, as told by our friends at Travel Manitoba who came to Aikens this past summer to experience it for themselves and produce a video about our fly-away home.

We’re proud to show you the new video––click here to watch it in its entirety. It’s well worth the 5½ minutes, though we should warn you up front it might increase that itch you’ve been starting to feel for spring to arrive with the knowledge that you’re only days or weeks away from stepping off that floatplane on our dock once again.

You’ll recognize a few faces in the video as Pit and Patrick share some Aikens stories, you’ll see some cool aerial footage and fishing action, and you’ll hear from a variety of guests who share their perspective on the Aikens Experience.

And if you’re like us, you might just come back to this video again in about two months when the itch is getting bad and you’re that much closer to experiencing for yourself exactly what Aikens is about.