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New Season begins May 1st!

avr. 30, 2006

We are now on the eve of our first trip to Aikens in 2006!  Tomorrow morning, Pit and his crew will land at Aikens.  We are hoping that the camp is just the way we left it last fall!  We made sure to secure all entry points into the lodge in order to keep the animals on the outside.  We have had a few incedents where a bird has crashed through the window, and the cabins have become a winter home for birds and small mammals like martens or squirrels... and the mess they leave behind is incredible! Pit will be joined my Maurice, Denis, and Grant.  Work is set to begin right away as we would like to have the new men's residence completed before our first guests come in... which is on May 27th. The website will now be updated every couple of days, so keep checking in to stay up to date with the happenings at the lodge.  Here's to a great season!