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New re-circ hot water line in the ground!

juin 7, 2007

June 140s.jpg June 063s.jpgJune 131s.jpg We have always strived to manage as "green" a camp as possible. GGO is a totally ecological building with solar power, composting toilets, and energy efficient appliances and lighting. Over the years, we've also done alot at the main camp. We've gone to 4-stroke engines for all our boats, we use composting system for our food scraps, we've begun using water pumps for our heating and cooling, and we are switching much of the camp over to fluorescent lighting. Another big step in our "green" process is to introduce a re-circulating hot water line throughout camp. This expensive coil is the one you saw the helicopter bring in (May 22 news item). It is designed for exactly this purpose... the main 6" pipe is full of insulation and two 1" lines (the to and from water lines) are found in the middle of it. We just finished trenching it all and it is scheduled to be hooked up next week. Essentially, we are eliminating all of the individual hot water tanks between the lodge and the other end of camp (our new laundry facility). This will save us power for 5 hot water tanks and propane for another 2. The line will continually circulate over 200 gallons of water and the water will be reheated faster than you can shower! It took alot of bodies to pull this gargantuan pipe through the trenches, but the dirty deed is done and Aikens is all the better for it!