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New pricing set for 2007

nov. 1, 2006

2006 was certainly a great season. We had alot of guests throughout the season, the fishing was top-notch yet again (although we would have liked to add more names to that trophy book!), and we were able to make many improvements and upgrades at Aikens. The new pricing is now set for the 2007 season. Great news... despite all of the construction and labour, we were able to keep the costs down and we are proud to announce that for the most part, the new rates went up only 2-3% and in some cases are even lower than they were in 2006! We now have a two tiered system for packages at the main lodge. With the addition of our awesome Sunset Chalets, we now have four choices of accommodations. We have grouped them into two tiers. Master Angler's Row and Park Place will be grouped together in the first tier. The Sunset Chalets will be grouped with the Boardwalk Chalets and will be at a slightly higher price point. The Great Gray Owl will continue with the same two choices... American Plan and Platinum Plan. We have also added a "Platinum Package" option at the main lodge for 2007! This special upgrade will cost $200 over the package price, and includes beer, liquor (except premiums), pop, water, and even all bait! This applies to all drinks in both the Bait & Tackle and in Big Molly's Bar! For our American guests, one thing to note is that the government is removing the GST rebate for visitors to Canada next season. This used to allow us to charge only half of the regular GST tax (3% instead of 6% in 2006). However, next year we will need to charge the full GST. The GST is currently at 6%, and is being reduced to 5% on July 1st, 2006. You can take note of this when you receive your group leader confirmation in the mail this month. If you have any questions about the new rates, the new GST legislation, or availability for 2007... please don't hesitate to call!