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New playground is a hit!

sept. 15, 2007

‘Mononcle Chuck with Annika and Marty As part of the final projects of the season, Chuck put together an outstanding play structure for the kids. Chuck had built some play structures in the past for his grandchildren, and he took great pride in building one for Annika and Marty at Aikens. In fact, he had been planning and plotting all of the aspects of this project since early in the spring! Annika and Marty bouncing aroundContained within a large fenced-in yard, the new play structure has become one of little Annika's favorite places to hang out! This place has it all... there are 4 assorted swings, monkey bars, climbing rope, climbing ladder, sandbox with digging chair, a slide, rock climbing wall, and even a pirate-ship steering wheel!!! We also moved the trampoline inside the yard so that everything would be localized into an area where we wouldn't have to worry about the kids running to the water. With all these great toys, it's going to be awfully tough to get Annika onto a plane at the end of the season!!! Thank you very much, "Mononcle Chuck", for providing the kids with such an amazing place to play!!!