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New equipment being installed!

mai 8, 2010

 Pat and Leo test out the first Yamaha We have been at Aikens for the better part of a week now, and things are going very smoothly.  Construction on a new staff residence continues to chug along, and our new workshop is getting some new additions to it as well.  Dockside, Pat and Marcel are busy rigging up our guide boats with all the new goodies we've ordered! The new Yamahas are really great!  The troll-assist feature allows you to slow down your troll to 600 rpm (about 1.2 miles per hour in forward... under a mile going in reverse!)  This is going to be dynamite for that spinner bite that will be starting up here in a few weeks!  We are currently testing out props so that we get the best combination of power out of the hole and top-end speed. The new Humminbird depth finders are something else as well!  With the internal GPS locking on almost immediately after powering on, these new finders show you everything quickly. During a test, it was even marking bottom at nearly 100 ft while we were going full speed!  We found a few huge marks out on Chris's Corner, but we couldn't get them to bite.  A great spin-off of these new units is that our Lowrance units will now be installed our our 30hp Platinum Package upgrade boats! Breaker, Breaker!  New setup in the guide boats  New 50hp Yamaha idling slowly Lastly, our radios are being setup in the boats as well.   We haven't been able to test them as the antennas have yet to arrive, but they look sharp when setup next to the depth finders.  We will also have bases in the main office and at GGO for easy communication.  You can be assured of a safe, reliable, and most of all enjoyable day out on the lake in any of our Lund guide boats!