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NECA nets 8

sept. 17, 2006

NECA 013s.jpgNECA 015s.jpgNECA 027s.jpgNECA 131s.jpg NECA 132s.jpgNECA 110.jpgNECA 157s.jpgNECA 156s.jpg The past 3 days of fishing have certainly been great ones for a large group of electrical contractors from Minnesota! Jeff Ohman and the NECA group have been doing trips for nearly two decades! This was the first time that they had come to Aikens, and it was their most successful trophy fishing trip to date! On the first morning, Jeff's first fish was a 27.5" walleye! It was a sign of things to come! His fishing partner Steve Stone caught the first trophy of the trip a few minutes later, a 28.75" beauty! Jeff landed a 29.5" shortly after! Doug Olson also caught a 28" that first morning! On day 2, there were 3 more trophies caught. The anglers were Ron Von Bank (28"), Dave Karsky (28"), and Bruce Young (29"). The weather turned cold and wet on the final day. Every boat was back in shortly after 4:00 PM... except for one! Our guide Gil had Doug and Ron in his boat. By trolling spinner rigs near Gilligan's Island, they were able to each land their 2nd trophies of the trip! The awards ceremony that night was a fun event. Joe won rookie of the year, John won the booby prize! Bruce won for largest pike, and Jeff's 29.5" held up as the largest walleye. What a great ending to a great trip. I'm looking forward to doing all over again in '07!