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Moose sightings galore!

juin 13, 2006

June 173c.jpg

For some reason or another, this season has been filled with moose and wildlife sightings!  Along with the many moose, we've also seen caribou, lynx, bear, and countless eagles, loons, ducks, and other waterfowl. For years, we had a "resident moose cow" that would spend her spring on the peninsula.  Moose have two calves every year, and normally one falls prey to predators such as bears.  However, our resident moose would use the protection of the peninsula (water on 3 sides, a lodge on the 4th side) to shield her offspring from danger.  That moose has been gone for about 5 years now, but it seems we have a new resident moose!  This large cow has been seen for many weeks, including from our Boardwalk Chalet as she strolled down the beach one morning!  She was also sighted a few days ago by people watching a movie in the lodge.  She was right outside the window, then slowly sauntered down the path towards the women's residence!  Tonight, she was spotted in Frosty's Cove in the Back Bay.  Although she doesn't seem to have any calves with her this season, hopefully she sticks around for future years as it's always fun to see a large moose in the wild!