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"Mini-Boss" holds the fort

juil. 17, 2008

Mini-Boss taking some pictures Something rare happened last week:  It is an incredible feat that for the first time in 20 years, there was a time during our season that no one at Aikens had the last name of "Turenne"!  As the break ended and the staff returned to Aikens, Pit and Julie were packing up the family to head back to Winnipeg for a few days.  There was a big wedding that they were really looking forward to attending.  Gerry and Lorraine were also busy that weekend, meaning that our Marketing Manager and Head Guide Patrick now would get to add a new title to his business card! For four days, Pat held the fort admirably.  Although he didn't hit the water during that stretch, he certainly had his hands full back in camp!  He greeted guests, unloaded planes, made trophy mugs & presentations, and assigned work to those who weren't guiding.  He helped out with any problems that arose.  With Leo's help, he was even able to get through a few little breakdowns on the sawmill and of a fuel pump.  The whole time, the staff worked hard for him, applauded him, and even came up with a new nickname... Mini-Boss! Thanks Pat for allowing Julie and I the opportunity to fly out for a few days, and especially for giving us peace of mind while we were away.     From all accounts, you did a wonderful job and the guests and staff really appreciated your efforts.  Kudos to the "Mini-Boss"! -Pit