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McGough Party makes a big splash

juil. 19, 2008

Cannonball Splash after hail-mary trophy walleye caught. Mike McGough has been coming to Aikens since early in the millenium. He originally started coming with his good friend Dan Welty (who passed away a few years ago). He's been an invited guest and a group leader for his own groups, and on every occasion he has cherished his time at Aikens! This year, Mike was once again a group leader, and he brought up a collection of eight family and friends for another great Aikens excursion. John’s trophy walleye Dennis’s first trophy… 31″! Dennis’s 2nd trophy that same day The trip helped to kick off the 2nd half of our season. They didn't waste any time bringing in the trophy fish! By 9:30, they had already reeled in the largest walleye of the year thus far, a 31" beauty from Brownie's Island in Lost Lake. After a great shorelunch to recharge the batteries, they headed back out and landed a 28" at South Shore and then another 30" at Middle Sister! Not bad for one day of fishing! Steve’s 30″ walleye Mel’s hail-mary 30-1/2″ Walleye at 5PM on the last day! Over the next few days, they managed another 28" and dozens of 26-27" walleyes and even more 23-25"! Mike claims that this is the best fishing he's had in all his trips to Aikens! By the final day, the group was waiting to see if one more lunker walleye would show up. Already having two 30"+ fish in the record books, time was starting to run out. Mike had everyone in the group meet up at the Saddle at 3PM in order to honor the late Walleye Welty (for a story of the trophy they sunk at the Saddle in 2005, please see our news item here). Mike and his fishing partner for the day Mel decided that there was no better place to end the trip than right there. They spent the next few hours reeling in beautiful walleye. At 4:45, Mike looked up to the skies and made a plea for World Famous Walleye Welty to make his presence felt. No more than 5 minutes later, Mel's rod keeled over and the fight was on. As another behemoth 30.5" walleye was gliding into the net, Mike couldn't contain himself. He quickly stripped down to the skivvies and jumped right into the lake in celebration and honor of the fish and of his friend. Who says that prayers are never answered?!?