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Lost Lake producing huge walleye

juin 24, 2006

Gratton 001s.jpgbobby d trophy.jpgJune 242s.jpg Lost Lake has always been a great spring spot for those large walleyes.  Bob Dumontier has been guiding at Aikens on and off for nearly 20 years.  The sports coordinator at St-Boniface College in Winnipeg, he always loved taking some of his summer holidays to come up and guide for us when needed.  It didn't take Bobby D long to rediscover his touch, he caught a trophy walleye in Lost Lake on his first afternoon back! The other great thing about having Bobby D help out is that he's able to show our guides some of the last arts from past generations of guides.  Lost Lake is included in this list.  Bobby D not only guided 3 trophies during his stay, but it allowed him to show some of the other guides (including Dave and Diesel) all about Lost Lake.  In turn, they were able to guide 4 trophies there!  Way to go!