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July break

juil. 5, 2006

I apologize for the slowdown in news items in the near future.  Early July has traditionally been a slow time for our lodge.  This year, we decided to close it down completely in order to give our staff their mid-summer break.  As you can imagine, working 7 days a week can start to take it's toll on anyone.  Our staff has been hard at work since the beginning for May, and this is a perfect time to "recharge the batteries".  Some of our staff will spend the break by travelling, many will attend the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  Others will spend their time with their feet up in the air, savouring the slow pace of summer and looking forward to a great second half to our season. We truly want to thank our staff for a fantastic first half.  We accomplished so much in terms of making sure the guests had a great time at Aikens... we have already re-booked half of the groups for 2007!  We would also like to thank our carpenters and tradesmen for the unbelievable work they have accomplished.  From our bar, to the Canot, to the new Sunset Chalets... the work we've done is truly mind-boggling and we'd like to thank you all for your help and support through it all!  Have a great break and we'll see you later on in July!