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Julie Guides mom to trophy on Canada Day!

juil. 1, 2005

It's July 1 and it's Canada Day! Boy, did Julie find a way to celebrate in style! Julie has been fishing at Aikens with Pit for quite a few years, but she has never had to guide anyone on her own before! Julie's parents (Richard and Louise), along with her sister and brother-in-law (Dan and Danielle) had each been here once in the past... but decided that a return to Aikens was due. For the trip, the boys fished in one boat with Pit and the girls in the other with Julie. Well, did the guys ever get their butts kicked! This morning, after watching the girls catch all the fish (including Danielle's walleye/pike combo!), the boys decided to go try some lake trout in the afternoon. Little did they know that the women would be reeling in big walleye after big walleye in the South Arm! Louise eventually landed a beautiful trophy walleye late in the afternoon to cap off a great day of fishing. The women have earned a whole winter full of bragging rights!