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Jonathan Toews on Hustler & Lawless radio, Children's Wish Foundation trip

juil. 31, 2009

Bryan, Claudio, Jonathan, Terry An interesting parallel occured on Tuesday night.  One day after coming back from Aikens Lake, Hustler and Lawless interviewed Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews on their radio show.  Jonathan is looking forward to trying out for the Canadian Olympic hockey team, and that was what the interview was about.  However, they opened up the call by asking Jonathan how his experience at Aikens had gone this year.  Click on the link to listen to what they had to talk about (Select July 28, 7PM.  The interview starts around 7:08 and the link will be active until August 28th) The Children's Wish Foundation Fundraiser: Claudio with a big fish  Bryan proudly displaying a great looking walleye!  Jonathan spots a big black bear! This gives us the chance to also tell you guys about the successful Children's Wish Foundation fundraising trip we hosted in late June this year.  The trip had come and gone and we never did have the opportunity to post anything about it, so this connection gives us the excuse to talk about it now!  Claudio Reda was the successful bidder on the trip for the 2nd year in a row.  He was not going to be outbid after having experienced Aikens last year!  This year, he invited his friend Terry Brown along.  Jonathan and his father Bryan were the consummate ambassadors for the Children's Wish Foundation yet again.  They were able to relax after a long season which saw the Blackhawks make it all the way to the Western Conference finals!  This young team of talented hockey players is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.  Thanks to the Toews family for once again generously hosting this great fundraising trip, and thanks Claudio for being such a fervent supporter of the CWF.