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Introducing Martin Robert Turenne!

déc. 29, 2006

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It's pretty sweet that the hospital has wireless internet, so I'm to update this right from Julie's bedside! I am sure that alot of you were wondering if we had forgotten to tell you about the new baby, seeing as how the due date was a week ago (Dec 22nd)! We didn't forget, we just didn't have any news to tell you yet! However, after a full holiday season of being antisocial our new baby boy finally decided to make an appearance this morning!
Julie did wonderfully once again. The labour started at 3:00 AM, and by the time we decided to come to the hospital it was 8:00 AM. The baby was not far off at that point, and less than two hours later (with only 30 minutes of pushing and drug free for the 2nd time in row), the baby boy appeared! He was a bruising 8lbs, 5 oz. I presume he will make a fantastic logger by 2020!
Julie and the baby are both now rested, bathed, and ready to take on the world! Annika is very excited to be a big sister, as she has her very own "bebe" now. I however will need some recovery time, a nap, and a nice meal to get me back on track.
Anyway, I have attached a couple of pics. Take care and have a great New Year!
Pit (on behalf of the whole fan-damily), Julie, Annika, and Martin Turenne