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I'm gonna git you sucka!

juil. 17, 2006

C Jensen (July) 004s.jpg
For over 30 years, the province of Manitoba had 28 gamefish listed in its Master Angler program, and suckers weren't a part of it. In 2005, the province added both sucker and sunfish to the game, increasing the list of eligible gamefish in Manitoba to 30. At Aikens, you can catch trophy walleye, pike, lake trout, whitefish, perch, and burbot. Sucker is now the 7th species eligible for recognition in the Manitoba Master Angler program (the designated length is 18")! Nobody last year was able to catch the inaugral trophy sucker. Today, our partner Chris was able to land the first trophy sucker in Aikens Lake history! It was a great 21" specimen that was caught by sighting it and pitching a jig and "gulp" bait. Notice how in the picture the big sucker has a nice red tinge to his jacket... I mean his fins! Garbage fish no longer, the sucker now stands among the proud fraternity of walleye and pike as an official gamefish in Manitoba!