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Huge 42" laker caught and released!

mai 31, 2007

Scholtens 047s_2.jpg

What a laker! Harry Scholtens took some convincing this winter that a small lake such as Aikens Lake could house such large fish... the doubt has certainly been erased now! His catch yesterday is the largest laker caught at Aikens since 1999, when Al Doffek landed our lake record of 43.5". Harry was fishing with our guide Turbo, and both were still shaking hours after releasing this beauty back into the cold deep waters of Aikens Lake. Turbo told us how Harry would just hold the rod steady, and that distinctively slow "tic-tic-tic" of the drag kept coming out as the laker nonchalantly swam deeper and deeper. That is a true sign of a big fish, and Turbo's knees were knocking in anticipation while he controlled the boat and followed the laker into deeper water. After a lengthy fight, the tide started to turn and they finally got it close to the boat. This time the drag wasn't so nonchalant... the line was screaming off the reel! This big laker sure gave one heck of a fight, and they were worried that the line wouldn't hold up as Harry was only using a medium action rod with 6-lb test!

Scholtens 045s.jpgScholtens 054s.jpg

Harry was also lucky enough to land a trophy walleye a few evenings back. It has been quite a trip for him and for his comrades Chris, Jordan, and Tyler. Their first "Aikens Experience" is sure to be the first of many!