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Hockey Night at Aikens Lake

juin 2, 2007

Free Press 142low res.jpgFree Press 148low res.jpg Since Gerry and Lorraine bought the lodge in 1989, there has been a conscious decision not to introduce satellite television into our camp... after all, people are here to catch fish and mingle with other guests and our staff! Therefore, we have never had the privilege of watching a live Stanley Cup final until this year. The Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) is our national broadcaster, and they have a 40 year history of showing the Stanley Cup playoffs. This year, they have also been streaming all of their games online, which with the advent of satellite internet has allowed us to watch a few games! Tonight, with two large Canadian groups in camp, the demand was high to watch Game 3 of the cup finals. We set up our projector in the lounge of the lodge and everyone thoroughly enjoyed watching the Ottawa Senators win their first game of the series to narrow Anaheim's lead to 2-1. The connection was very good and it was like watching it at your local pub! I don't think we'll be doing this very often, but it certainly was a special event.