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GST Rebate program still alive!

mai 8, 2007

This is a note to all of our US customers. As a traveller to Canada, you are entitled to a 50% rebate on some of the GST tax you paid on accommodations/services, etc. In the past, Aikens was allowed to give you this rebate at point of sale, which meant that we only charged you half of the regular GST rate. Back in Sept 2006, the government announced that this rebate would no longer be allowed, and the industry fought back to resist this change!

Guess what? Eight months later, the outcome is that we have been able to keep the rebate!!! There is a twist, and the twist is that we will still have to charge 6% GST (don't worry, all of our quotes this year already included that), and you will have to apply for the rebate yourself. We will have the forms available here for you and will help you fill them out. The bottom line however is that you are entitled to a little rebate that you weren't expected to be able to claim in 2007!!! The government will mail you a cheque after receiving and accepting your application. Here is an excerpt from the email we received today from Carl Wall, Executive Director of the Manitoba Lodge & Outfitter Association.


In summary:

As we are advising members who book clients directly to charge the full 6% GST. For those clients booked by agents or were booked outside of Canada (ie: deposit received at sportshow), the rebate can be made by the operator. Other clients can now be advised that they will get back 50% of that fee by filing the appropriate form (which you can make available to them prior to their departure from your camp). The form GST176 is available on line or call us and we will send it out. Packages eligible for rebate must be $200 or greater (before taxes are added) and include accommodations and at least one service. If you have any questions, please call the office. We are hopeful that we can eliminate this twist shortly.