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Glasshof group gets its share of mugs

juin 16, 2006

Glasshof 023s.jpgGlasshof 064s.jpgGlasshof 071s.jpgGlasshof 052s.jpgGlasshof 078s.jpg John Glasshof started bringing his group to Aikens in 1993. Since then, he's been a staple there during the 2nd week of June. They are known for finding the big pike in our lake. This year was no exception, as they found another big one and many more slot-sized pike. To top that off, they also netted 6 trophy walleye (including 2 by Dick Pawell - see news item below). Not bad for a group of only 6 people! The only member of the group to be shutout in the trophy category was John Leung, although he could hardly be blamed because he was fishing with Glasshof the whole time smile Way to go guys on a very successful trip. See you next June!