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Ghostly happenings

juil. 16, 2005

The Outdoor Canada article (see other news posting) has certainly sparked some debate and now some new information has come out! Apparently there have been several strange happenings around the lodge this year... although no actual sighting has been reported. Tim reports of an incident a few weeks back. One night, after the power went out in the Portage, he went outside to flip the breaker. He saw a quick moving white shadow in the woods which rattled him a bit. He continued on his way into the workshop where the circuit box was... He was inside the shop in darkness and was fumbling around for the box when he heard a knocking on the back window of the workshop (a window that has no outdoor access to it!). Tim fled back to his cabin and was so shaken that the story had to be practically beaten out of him! Another incident happened just last night when Andre was sleeping alone in the Portage. His radio, although it wasn't even on, was emitting static and strange noises! The guides are on high alert and an actual sighting seems imminent! The picture above was taken by Pat about two weeks ago. It's a picture of the trail near the generator in the middle of the day. We have no explanation for the white marks on this digital photo! If you come to Aikens, just ask the guides about Elsie and you are sure to hear alot of stories like these!