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GGO close to having a new rod locker!

mai 9, 2007

May at Aikens 081s.jpgMay at Aikens 085s.jpg GGO's dock is placed in the corner of the bay, nearly 100 yds from the cabin. We have been wanting to build a rod locker next to the dock for the longest time! It was always a hassle to bring rods and tackle boxes all the way up and down the hill. Also, if you wanted to dry out lifejackets you had no choice but to bring them up to the cabin... not so anymore! Denis, Beeker, and Leo have been busy in the past 4 days putting up a great little structure right near the dock and shorelunch site... a rod locker! It is spacious (16x16') and has room to put rods and tackle boxes, hang up lifejackets and raingear, and store all kinds of extra items. This is an upgrade that we are very proud to announce and it should serve our GGO guests well this summer!!!