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Gerry turns 60!

janv. 24, 2008

Gerry and Andrina Well, I guess this is the birthday season with Pit, Marty, Annika, and now Gerry having their birthdays all bunched within a month of each other (and Lorraine's birthday is coming up on the 29th!). The Aikens Lake patriarch celebrated his milestone birthday at home this past weekend amongst 30 close family and friends. Knowing that Gerry wouldn't enjoy the "Surprise" birthday party, Lorraine made sure that everything was planned out beforehand. A french "kitchen party" would not be the same if there weren't a ton of appetizers laid out everywhere. This include the ever famous french "Raclette", a cheese that is slowly melted and then scraped onto baguettes. The evening was full of food, drinks, and many many laughs. Gerry was very happy with this intimate setting and although the rule was "No Gifts", let's just say that he is going to be sipping on some fine wines and cognacs for quite some time! Happy birthday Big Guy. We love you and hope that you enjoyed your first birthday at home (and not at a sportshow) in nearly two decades!