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Fishing update

juin 12, 2012

Fishing on Aikens Lake is an experience that is amongst the foremost freshwater lakes in North America. In the past few weeks, our guests and their guides have been catching tons of fish! Shallow water presentations have garnered some truly impressive specimens. Mr. Pawell and a Secret Bay beast Ron's big 30Two days ago, Mr. Ron Bauer boated a beautiful 30" Walleye which was hunting smaller forage in the frothing fast waters of the Gammon River falls. The HoneyHole just down the way is still posting huge numbers of fish everyday (especially during the night bite!). Numerous big pike have been spotted chasing the walleyes around the Hole, so hold on tight, things might get hectic! Our guide Griff and a big Sucker.Transition areas such as Horseshoe Bay and the Mouth of the river have started hitting and reports of fish moving onto the Saddle are trickling. Bottom-bouncing and drift-jigging have been extremely effective techniques during this time of the season. Walleyes, Lakers and Pike abound. Enjoy your time on Aikens Lake!