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First Master Angler of 2007!

mai 10, 2007

May at Aikens 089s.jpg The first Master Angler of 2007 is now in the books! A few of our carpenters went out fishing last night after an absolutely gorgeous day (it was almost 90 degrees... uncanny weather for this time of year!). George and Andre tried their luck in the South Arm. They were jigging up walleyes when all of sudden this big whitefish bit! When they netted it, they knew they had the first trophy of the year but they also knew that they didn't have a camera! Luckily, Pat was fishing nearby and he was able to swing over to take a few pics of a very proud George and his big whitefish! Now that the floodgates have opened, we anticipate adding many more trophy listings to our website. It's going to be a great season of fishing once again at Aikens Lake!