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Father's Day at Aikens Lake

juin 20, 2011

 Ron and Ben during a special Father’s Day trip

We hope that all fathers in our readership had a wonderful Father Day yesterday.

Father’s Day is a special time at the Lodge as many father/son and father/daughter trips are planned around the weekend. We tip our hats to all Fathers in the Aikens Family and try to make the ”Experience” memorable for those who are here to celebrate. Two of our Father/Son groups celebrated by adding their names to the Master Angler Registry.

 Alan’s trophy 45″ pike on Aikens Lake  Jay hadn’t seen a Aikens since he was 12, but got reacquainted quickly!  Gloria with a glorious master angler pike!

Ed and his son Jay had not had the opportunity to fish Aikens Lake for the last 13 years as Jay’s schooling was the priority. With his PhD within reach, Jay jumped on the opportunity to return and celebrated it by catching two Masters, a 23” Whitefish on Saturday and he topped that on Father’s Day with a 42” Northern Pike. Ron and his son Ben are new guests who were sufficiently impressed by our presence on the Internet and our website to book their Fathers Day trip. They had a memorable trip, and Ron had a memorable moment on Father's Day when he landed of a Master Red Sucker (19”). Gloria and husband Bryan were also here over the weekend and her 42.5” Northern Pike was the icing on the cake . The happy couple thoroughly enjoyed their trip and are now contemplating making their next visit to Aikens a full family affair with their daughters.  Friends Rui and Alan celebrated their first trip to Aikens Lake over the weekend by reeling in a 45" pike on their first night here!

Today, we we said goodbye to many of these groups we simultaneously greeted six new father/son families for a week of fun and fishing at Aikens.  The Family Experience represents a long standing tradition here at Aikens Lake and one that our entire staff relishes. It is not only engrained in our history but also sits at the very top of our favorite accomplishments.   Aikens would like to send out a big thank you to all the fathers out there who bring their sons and daughters, and to the sons and daughters who later on in life bring their fathers up to Aikens Lake every season!   Happy Father's Day everyone.