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Fantastic Fall Fishing!

nov. 9, 2010

Need I say more?With record temperatures lasting into mid-November, many Aikens staffers are taking advantage of the beautiful weather to get in a few last casts of the open water season. It seems a full summer of daily fishing just wasn't enough. Two trips in particular are the subject of this newsletter. Firstly, a couple weekends ago, 7 intrepid anglers traveled east to Minaki, Ontario in search of trophy Musky. The group was a mash of Aikens regulars, both present and past. Opting for the cabins and boats at Bayview Lodge, the fishermen set out on the lake for a three-day adventure chasing down the fish of a thousand casts. Sunny blue skies made for an exceptional time on the water. Since the annual trip's begin (Fall Classic 2007), the boys have been elaborating their playbook (and tackle boxes) to dial into these finicky beasts. This year's tally was 9 Musky, with the largest boated by Fall Classic rookie Jeff Peterson. His 46'' fish beat out the closest rival by 2''! A great time was had by all and plans are in motion for the next year's annual tradition.

Aaron ''Brownie'' Brown with a beauty 43'' 'SkiPat's 34'' MuskieContract Guide Greg Gagne and another Minaki Muskie!Pit's 44'' Muskie!Jeff Peterson and a massive 46'' Muskie!Pit holds up a healthy 39'' PikeBrownie and an amazingly colorful pike

Pit and Julie take in the the amazing view at the EchoesWay to go Janelle!The second adventure we'd like to share with you was undertaken amidst the breath-taking vistas of the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. Nestled near the confluent of the Fraser and Harrison rivers, The Echo Resort greeted Pit, Julie, Pat & Janelle for an unforgettable experience. Patrick and Pit had been dreaming of fishing for the mythical Great White Sturgeon for years. The largest freshwater fish in the world is found in The Turennes pose with Julie's Big Sturgeon!copious amounts in these rivers. Armed with courage, anticipation and delicious sandwiches for lunch, the guys and gals headed out on the water with their veteran guide Anthony ''Merr'' Sprangers. It didn't take long for them to hook up. Within an hour Janelle was struggling to handle one of the prehistoric beasts. Her first sturgeon measured 56''! What a fish to get the trip started. Julie was second to land an impressive specimen. Her smile with this four foot fish tells it all. Pit showed his mettle next, facing-off with a Patrick grins with the big one!Big Sturgeon for Pit!whopping 5'5'' Goliath. With an 8 foot rod and 150# test line, he heaved the bottom dweller on board. Patrick, not to be outdone set hook on what proved to be the largest fish of the trip. After an amazing run the fish let up enough for Patrick to take a picture with this 5'9'' horse. Everyone in the boat were ecstatic to have conquered these outlandish creatures. In all over the two days, 9 sturgeons were caught, tagged and released. Way to go gang! Many thanks go to our gracious hosts at Bayview and The Echoes. Our time spent at both these establishments reminded us once again why we are so proud to to be part of an industry that offers so many smiles and memories to its clientele. For more info on either of these two locations please visit their links here: Bay View Lodge: The Echoes Harrison River Retreat: We are very proud to admit we still have the itch. Remember, you're always just one bite away!