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Early firsts at Aikens

mai 7, 2007

May at Aikens 052s.jpgTyler with 26

We have been very lucky so far because the weather has certainly been unseasonably warm! Even with the drizzle and cloud we’ve experienced in the last few days, we haven’t faced any cold temperatures. Because of this, we are just flying along in our work in order to get ready for our first guests on May 26th!

There are some years where we have not even flown in to Aikens yet by May 7th! However, this year we are here and we’ve broken a few of our “early” records, so here’s the list:

Earliest boat in the water – 2:30 PM, May 1st (thanks to Pat!) Earliest fish caught – 4:45 PM, May 1st – Beeker Watson Earliest moose sighting – 6:00 PM – May 2nd (Honeyhole) Earliest swim – 8:15 PM, May 3rd – Pat and Turbo Earliest chef arrival – May 3rd (Jimmy) Earliest fleet of boats in water - May 5th (thank to Pat and Turbo's great work!) Earliest rookie guide to catch all three major species (off the dock, no less!) – Tyler – May 6th. Earliest trophy caught? We tried hard, but couldn’t beat the May 6th trophy that Pierre Maynard caught last year!