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Double specialists on the same day!

août 23, 2007

Larry Bruce’s “Specialist Walleye”Chad Thauberger’s “Specialist Walleye” Yesterday was a special day at Aikens. As you've read about in the past, we like to celebrate our guests' accomplishments. The first way to do that is by giving a commemorative 8x10 print of their fish, along with a customized mug to celebrate any Master Angler catch. However, there is also a special award we give to those who catch five trophy walleye on Aikens. It's a way to reward them for their success and their loyalty to our lake. We have customized some Tournament Edition St-Croix jigging rods. These are etched with the inscription "Aikens Lake Walleye Specialist". Today, we had to honor to make two such presentations! The first one occured early in the morning, when Larry Bruce caught his 3rd trophy of the trip and 5th of his life on Aikens. Don Kackley has been bringing a group of his customers to the Great Grey Owl for the past 7 years. Larry had two Master Angler walleye in the first 6 years, but caught fire in year 7 and was able to earn that special rod! He was guided by Trevor, and they pinpointed a spot on Gilligan's Island that produced slot and trophy walleye every day of their trip. Congratulations Larry and we hope that you will get the chance to enjoy that jigging rod at Aikens again! The second specialist was also caught in the morning, although the guys tried to keep it a secret all day! Chad Thauberger has been coming up with one of Syngenta's groups for many years. Last year he got 2 trophy walleye to up his total to 4, and narrowly missed getting his 5th on several occasions. He was talking about it a lot this year, and the rest of his group was wondering if he would achieve "specialist" status this year or if Chad would share some of the fish with the rest of them! When the trophy presentation happened at supper, everyone started suspecting that Chad had been mum about something... the picture proved their suspicions to be correct! Congratulations to you as well Chad and we hope you'll bring your rod back next year to help you build on these totals!