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Doing the Wright thing for big pike!

juin 21, 2006

Stofferahn 085s.jpgJones 017s.jpgStofferahn 082s.jpg

Last season, Blake Strine caught a huge 46" pike by casting and trolling around Rob's Rubble.  This basically spearheaded a pike campaign that remained successful throughout the season.  Colin really dialed in to them in the month of August, and even had the shoreline on the North Shore named "Colin's Cruise" in his honor! Nathan Wright from Farmington, MN pulled off an Aikens first... catching two trophy pike inside of 30 minutes!  With Turbo as his guide, Nathan was dragging a Storm shallow runner bait that had a black back and silver belly.  His first pike, a 41.5", fought like he was being reeled in towards molten lava!  It was going nuts, and jumped out of the water several times before it finally glided into Turbo's net.  The second fish, which was hooked in nearly the same spot only 20 minutes later, was a 44.25" beauty.  This one, perhaps knowing the drill, was rather subdued during the fight.  Nathan nearly scored a hattrick, but a 3rd huge pike was able to spit his hook only feet from the boat later on in the afternoon!  Congratulations Nathan... you've made the rest of your group very jealous (and don't worry, those fingers will heal soon!)