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"Dock Bite" revisited

juil. 31, 2008

Zinger and his trophy Walleye!

Some of you might be familiar already with our famous "Dock Bite" which runs from late May through June. Many large fish have been caught off our new dock (see newsletter item about the dock here : Léo's Dock) during that time of the season. Rising temperature and yearly migration patterns tend to push the big 'Eyes out of the Back Bay by late June. We then start sounding our lakeside structures for our trophy fishing. Imagine our surprise when started hearing rumors that the guides were still pulling high 20" slot fish of the docks in late July! Could it be that some of these beastly Walters never left? The area in question is our floating Guide Dock. After a good day on the lake, some of the boys just couldn't resist throwing a line in after parking their Lunds. It's now gotten to the point where the Guide Dock is a stop on the boys' daily itinerary. The Walleyes we're catching seem to be hanging out in the cool shade provided by the boatsBrian Jeffries with a big slot and and the Ray Cotton with thedocks. Also a ready supply of forage (bugs, bait fish and bottoms of tubs of minnows) gives them no reason to leave. Impressive for water that is nearing the mid-seventies in the hot sun! Two trophy walleyes have already been angled by our guests and who knows how many times our resident fish will bite. Actually, the guides have named a few of the fish... One 27" Walleye in particular has some distinguishing features that earned him the name "Henry" (he likes the slip where Tyler and Trevor park their boats) . Although we've changed which dock we're fishing, we are quite happy to report that not only can we find big fish on the lake, but that they also follow us back home at the end of the day!