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Dick Pawell, walleye specialist

juin 15, 2006

Glasshof 030s.jpgGlasshof 060s.jpgGlasshof 050s.jpg Dick Pawell has been coming to Aikens for many years, and the fishing for him just keeps getting better.  He didn't start off with the Midas Touch, be he really found his stride in the past 6 years.  In fact, Dick had released 4 trophy walleye and 2 trophy pike in his last 6 trips.  In the past two days, he's netted trophy walleye #5 and #6!  To commemorate this great achievement, Dick was presented with the "Aikens Lake Walleye Specialist" rod.  It's a special limited-edition St-Croix jigging rod that is handcrafted for the Aikens Lake Walleye Specialist!  Congratulations Dick, and here's to catching many more trophy fish at Aikens with your new rod!