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Denver Sportshow a success!

janv. 31, 2007

ise-banner.gif Gerry and Denis started attending the Denver Sportshow back at the end of the 90's. It was always a pretty fun show, but it was in a tiny venue. We actually skipped the show last year but made a return to Denver in 2007. Denis and I were very impressed. The new venue is an absolute giant! The Convention Center was great, except for the lack of wireless internet (I couldn't show anyone our website!!!). With the daily direct flights to Winnipeg offered by United, it wasn't hard talking to people about an easy trip to Aikens! There were a ton of people circulating the aisles and we talked to several dozen potential customers! Denver seemed to be a town with alot of families, couples, and friends looking for a place to "get away". I saw more Alaskan and African exhibitors than at any other show I've been to! 16th Street in downtown Denver is a pedestrian haven full of shops and restaurants, so it was pretty easy to go find a place to eat after the show... and even a good watering hole or two! I wish I would have known the Avalanche had been playing on the Friday night... I would certainly have gone. I passed on a chance to see the Nuggets on Saturday... perhaps because of my disappointment in seeing my first NHL game in over 5 years! Anyway, it was a great experience and we are sure to return again in 2008!