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Unique Couples Trips

févr. 10, 2021

The European tour, the Caribbean cruise, the weekend in Vegas, the memorable trip to wine country in Napa; these are all reputable ways to woo and celebrate your spouse.

May we be so bold as to add a delightful getaway to the white sand beaches of Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge? In the past five years, we’ve seen a tremendous uptick at our fly-in of couple’s travel.

Whether it be a unique honeymoon, a milestone anniversary, or a special vacation just for two, our tailored mix of luxury and the unfettered beauty of the boreal forest makes the “Aikens Experience” a magnificent escape from the mundane.

One guest described Aikens as the “Hilton of the North” and we are proud to offer our groups of two all the amenities to make their stay a relaxing and romantic retreat. Air-conditioned comfort with king-sized accommodations.

A lakeside view from your private screened-in porch, from which to gaze upon the sunset with your best “catch” by your side. We have a few miles of nature walking paths around the lodge for that beautiful sunset hike. 


Aikens Lake offers couples a private and exclusive destination to unwind, reconnect and have lots of fun. World-class fishing, gourmet dining and a buzzing night-life scene, what more could you ask for?


Recently we produced a short video showcasing one such couple’s trip. We’d like to share with you this testimonial about their “Aikens Experience”. Enjoy!