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Countdown till go time!

mai 2, 2011

The gorgeous Aikens Lake!

The final Winnipeg week for the Aikens office begins! Thursday May 5th is the hopeful date of arrival for the opening crew at the lake. Ice conditions are being closely watched by our trusty air service Bluewater Aviation. Once the initial fly over is done and the pilots deem the Back Bay open for landing, Pit and his opening gang will fly in and get the Aikens Machine rolling. Meanwhile back at home, Julie and Janelle are hard at work completing list after list of pickups, orders and runs. It's always quite impressive to see the amount of effort and goods necessary to run a fly-in lodge. Attention to detail is one of our strongest assets and it all begins here in the few days leading up to the open. With floodwaters threatening many areas in Northern USA  and here in southern Manitoba, we are quite interested in seeing just how high the water is on Aikens Lake. Good thing we built our new docks so high! With the season about to get under way, stay tuned to the newsletter as we are sure to be posting all the exciting buzz around camp as things get online!