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Colin finds a piece of history!

mai 19, 2006

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Aikens is rich in tradition and history. We have our stories of Elsie the ghost and of the old trapper cabins around our lake. Going back even further back in our history you will find many reminders of our native history and of the fur-trade era. Many of you have already seen our pictographs on the rock (pictured on the right), and our impressive display case of artifacts that we've found around camp and around the lake. Last week, Colin stumbled upon a beautiful spear head! We are not exactly sure where it came from, but it may have come from the 3rd beach as we have been going there to get the gravel for our cement pads. Colin found it lying on the path near the dock... and obviously it hasn't been lying in that exact spot all these years. The spear head almost entirely intact... with only the very tip missing. It is fashioned out of a dark stone and it's meticulous handiwork have kept the edges sharp over who-knows-how-many years. What a great find, Colin!