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Citation jet buzzes Aikens Lake!

juil. 23, 2007

Citation crusing in front of the dock Our staff had a special treat today as one of our guests took a little detour to show us the speed of his new plane! Rob Phillips had never heard of Aikens Lake until a month ago, but there's no way he's ever going to forget about it now! Rob was browsing the web for a place to take some buddies for their first fly-in adventure. He chose Aikens based on our website, and when he called us for the first time it was to make a reservation! The group flew up from Tulsa, OK and they got the full "Aikens Experience". They got some great fishing (Mike Peterson landed a beautiful 28.5" walleye in the Saddle on their last evening), had great weather, and had a great time sharing stories with our staff. We even attempted a campfire on the beach one night but the bugs told us that it wasn't that good of an idea! Anyway, as the group was leaving, Rob told us that they would take his Citation Jet from Lac Du Bonnet and fly it over the camp and into the back bay. The boys enjoying their first authentic shore lunch!Mike and Mike with twin walleyes About an hour after leaving, and true to his word, we heard the jet come over camp. It was very quiet compared to what we are used to with the otters. They did a large swoop towards the honeyhole and came right down the back bay. They cruised just above the water and came right in front of the dock. When they passed the dock, you heard the afterburners kick in and they shot up in the air to fly back home! It was a great experience to see the raw speed of this machine zoom past us. I'm sure it didn't take them very long to get back home! Thanks for that experience, and we look forward to having you at Aikens again next year! Later.