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Check Out Aikens’ Online Store

févr. 4, 2016

As you read this blog, there’s an excellent chance Pit is wearing something with either an Aikens logo or a Jets logo. Or both. He’s not alone; tons of people like sporting the colors of their favorite team or brand.

We totally get that. That’s why we launched on our Aikens’ online store and keep it stocked with shirts, hats, sweatshirts––even pajamas. We might not sell quite as much as that other online retailer that starts with an “A” and sells basically everything on the planet, but we love the fact that our guests are so proud to be a part of Aikens that they want to wear our stuff.

So, to give people more options we’ve added a bunch of products, ranging from iPhone covers with the Aikens logo on them to stainless steel can coolers to puzzles with photos from the lodge. 

“We carry our regular assortment at our gift shop at the lodge, but the online store lets us get more creative and try different things people might like,” said Julie, who is in charge of the store. “A lot of guests would ask us during the winter if they could order different items for birthdays or Christmas gifts, but when we’re away from the lodge we don’t have access to most of our gift shop inventory. Now with the online store there’s an easy way for people to get stuff year round.”

Plus, some people like to order clothes in advance of their trip, or might prefer to order an Aikens souvenir from the online store once they get back home so they don’t have to add another item to their luggage.

As Julie said, the online store gives us the option of carrying a wide variety of merchandise. In fact, all the items you’ll find on the online store are only available online; we don’t carry them in our gift shop.


So if you want an Aikens Lake flask or shot glass, a Big Molly’s Bar apron or a teddy bear wearing an Aikens shirt to give to your kids before they join you for their first trip, you can head to our online store by clicking on the “Shop” icon at the top of, or by clicking this link.

The online store is also the only place where we carry clothes with the Century Club logo on them. Plus, there’s a new logo we’re adding this year, which was a tribute by the Aikens staff to Gerry Turenne, Pit’s father.

When Gerry passed away last summer, Pit and Julie rushed back to the family’s winter home for the funeral and final arrangements. In their absence, the Aikens crew back at the lodge renamed the bait shop to “Big Guy’s Bait and Tackle” with a new sign declaring the tribute.

“We were totally surprised when we got back to the lodge and saw what they did,” Julie said. “It was such a kind gesture––they even had the new sign posted, and did a really nice job with it.

The gesture inspired us to design a new “Big Guy’s Bait and Tackle” logo with a giant fisherman’s hook, similar to the one Gerry often wore on his hat. Over the winter, Julie and Janelle perfected the logo and made it official, so now you can even order shirts, hoodies, hats and pajamas with the new “Big Guy’s Bait and Tackle” logo as an option.

And rest assured, Julie is as thorough and thoughtful about our Aikens merchandise as she is about every other aspect of the operation.

“Before I add a new item to the store, I request a sample so I can inspect it and make sure it’s done well,” Julie said. “We order a couple different sizes of any new shirts or sweatshirts first and make Pit and Patrick try them on so I can see how they’re running size-wise and how they fit. We don’t take anything for granted.”

Check out the Aikens online store.

If you have any ideas for items you think we should carry, let us know. You might be able to convince us over a drink at Big Molly’s this summer.