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Boomer Esiason's daughter Sydney becomes the "walleye whisperer"

juil. 6, 2005

Sydney Esiason had never fished in Canada, or even fished at all for that matter, when she first stepped on the dock at Aikens yesterday. However, it did not take her long to become very very good at it! Yesterday, as her brother Gunnar and father Boomer looked on, Sydney reeled in monster walleye after monster walleye! 25's, 26's, 27's, and even a 27.5" walleye all saw the end of Syd's hook. Today, the show just went on. More 26's, 27's, and even a second 27.5" walleye were caught. By the evening, Syd was essentially "feeling the vibrations" and sensing bites before they even happened. Boomer, Gunnar, and Pit watched in stunned disbelief as she called her third fish in a row, and even counted down the time before the fish would actually bite her hook! What a truly amazing talent. Watch out walleyes of the world... a young woman is taking you over by storm!!!