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Boat Makeovers

avr. 14, 2021

Father Time catches up to everything. Equipment is not impervious to this reality either. Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has been diligent in its approach towards maintenance and renovation. From the Lodge to the lumber yard, we’ve kept up an assiduous effort to keep things tidy, tight and in running order.

In the Boat Shop, we’ve been hard at it keeping things “ship-shape”. Our fleet of candy apple red Lund guide boats and silver Alumarine guest boats log hundreds of hours on the water every season. They are the cornerstones of our operation therefore reliability, comfort, and performance are paramount traits of these fishing platforms. Recently, many of our skiffs were torn down and rebuilt from the bare hull up. Stripped away were wet floorboards and faded carpets. We also transformed the large space in the shop into a custom paint booth. Chipped and scratched paint was sanded and resprayed with a new hard enamel coating.

The team took time to address repairs as needed and installed new parts to upgrade the skiffs. Also added, were a dozen brand new Yamaha outboard. We’ve been proponents of Yamaha engines for a long time. They are bullet proof, quiet and dependable motors. New seats and decals rounded out the restorations. We were happy with the well-earned revamp of the watercrafts. We hope to refurbish even more units this upcoming season.

Next time you’re at the lake come drop by the shop to see what we’re up to...